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What’s the point of this Channel?
Our outcome over the years to come:
1. First build and grow a community of people who are supportive of music by aspiring artists. The niche we are after, are people who want to become happier and a better human being (conscious of the power of positivity and self-development) AND / OR people who just CANNOT DENY this music.
a. By working tirelessly to putting out QUALITY MUSIC and making it easy for the average listener to enjoy fresh content of non-mainstream music that is not readily available on the radio or other popular platforms. Music that will make you BOP your head while shedding a tear or rush blood to your NETHER REGIONS
b. Also to share insights and content to help others grow together and to gain knowledge and wisdom, or at least be reminded of them. (Life is not a race!)
All while keeping the music’s intention and integrity pure, fun, interesting, and potentially empowering to the mind. This means steering away from disempowering content as much as possible.
2. Then, using the power of the community’s views, support, opinions, and resources to come up with unique and interesting ideas for projects to document live on Youtube… Usually with the goal of ..
A. seeing if we could shatter our current belief structures about something.
B. supporting a certain Artist/Person/Animal in a cool way.
All done for YOUR entertainment, but also EVERYONE’S benefit.
What’s even better than education? Inspiration.
This is the outcome we are after. But for now, just enjoy the sounds and stay tuned. :)
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