How to Configure KK2 Using No LCD Firmware Version 1.6 on AeroSky Quadcopter

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This video talks through getting your KK2 up in the air with the No LCD firmware version 1.6. Since my button 4 on the KK2 appears to be defective I decided to give this a go based on feedback from some of you. The No LCD documentation and firmware download can be found here:
The KK2 flash tool can be found here:
The No LCD command line utitlity only runs under Windows at the moment so you'll need to install the USBasp drivers if you don't have them already. These can be found here:
I've taken for granted how awesome the LCD screen is. This video demonstrates what a pain it can be to configure your KK2 without it. I'll be working on my PI gains next so please stay tuned and thanks for watching.