TrackR Device - Never Lose Your Drone Again!

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The TrackR device pairs easily with your Android or iOS device. It records the last known location of the TrackR so that it can aide in retreiveing it. The signal strength provided by app makes you feel like you are playing hot-cold (getting closer, getting further away). This would be VERY helpful if you had no idea where it had landed.
If you are having a really hard time finding it, or it did a "flyaway", your friend can install the TrackR app on their phone and then if it then comes within range of your TrackR device, it can update the TrackR website with your device's most current GPS location which you can then view from your phone (aka "Crowd GPS"). Way cool.
Watch this video for a more in-depth review of the TrackR:
The TrackR device in this video was provided by TrackR: