SOLAR Plane V4 Flying Wing

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First few flights of the Solar Plane V4. For the last 4 years (on and off) I've been working towards the goal of building a solar powered FPV platform that can maintain level flight or gain altitude without using any power from the battery. This is the first of my solar planes to achieve this goal. Not only did it achieve the goal, but it did so on a partly cloudy day, and before I even got the chance to shed weight (extra wiring, big connectors, MPPT case, etc) and make things more aerodynamic (cover servos, bevel trailing edge). This is a great proof of concept for the KF airfoil + uncovered cell idea, and now I can expand this concept to a new solar plane capable of ultra long distance flights and cool stuff like that.
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- All up weight for this solar flight: 1900g
- 38 Sunpower Cells - Gen C Bin Jp1- 22.4% Efficient
- 1828mm wing span
- Weight of solar cells materials used to attach them: 300g
- Material: 6mm Depron foam
- Battery used for this test: 2300mah 4S (planning to use LI-ON later)
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