SkyeIntelligence Orbit: A Selfie Drone for New Pilots

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In this episode, the Roswell Flight Test Crew speaks with David Sliwa, sales manager for drone manufacturer SkyeIntelligence about its new product, the Orbit. The quadcopter features a distinctive, sleek appearance reminiscent of a classic 1950's flying saucer. Developed as a “gateway drone” for new pilots who want to capture aerial video of themselves, it can be operated with an Android or iOS smart device, or with an optional RC controller with a regular two-stick configuration. The Orbit's standout feature is its Follow-Me capability, which uses three separate technologies to maintain a constant view of the subject. First, the subject wears a puck that includes a high-accuracy GPS receiver, as well as inertial sensors to determine and even predict the subject's movement. The digitally stabilized, one-axis camera gimbal also visually recognizes the subject, supplementing the other two methods. In addition to its conventional Follow-Me capability, the Orbit also has a “Point Lock” mode: the drone hovers in a fixed position and turns to follow the subject without moving.